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جایگاه سوخت دو منظوره رویان

Ajand Azar Barzin Construction Company was founded in 2003 in Tehran/Iran with commercial name of Ajand Construction Company in field of contracting constructions and installations. After changes of board of directors in 2007, it started its professional activities from 2008; It became a powerful executive company in the field of contracting by doing following projects: like constructing the service station and parking of Sirjan along with its landscaping, constructing the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Azad Islamic University, Sirjan Branch, reforming the nerve and psyche section of  Golestan Hospital, constructing air burrows of Darya Dasht, escape stairs of Residential Complex of Kahak, constructing store of Sirjan , constructing Dual-purpose Fuel Station of Royan City- Mazandaran, reforming operating room of Sirjan Hospital, Reforming sport burrow of bus company, holding B.R.T workshops and constructing the store of bus company, educating executive experienced and skilled parties, developing and updating construction tools and machineries.
Ajand Azar Barzin Construction Company has currently 4 stockholders and is doing its projects with its more than 48 full time technical and executive and service workers.